about Miso Balls products

Yes. Considering the ingredients of miso balls – beans, koji and 2-3 seasonings, they are way healthier than instant soups packed with flavor enhancers, preservatives and anticaking additives.

Koji is what we call a gastronomic mold. It is an ingredient used in creating bio-reactions over a long process of fermentation. You already tried koji if you ever had soy sauce, sake or miso.

All the balls are lactose free. Some variants may contain gluten (barley). Check the ingredients list before choosing your balls.

Yes. Miso balls are 100% vegan.

Depending on your allergies, you should avoid some of the balls. Check the ingredients list before choosing your balls. The products might contain or be in contact with: soy, gluten, peanuts.

Miso ball is a snack in the form of hot soup. It can also be used as a stock for your ramen creation. Just add some mushrooms, tofu and noodles for a wholesome dish. 

Yes. You can use miso balls as a marinade for your favorite protein! Just add some oil and water and put it directly on the products.

Yes. Miso balls dissolve in hot (85-95C) water. They will not dissolve in cold water nor will they satisfy you as they should (if served cold).

Normally around 30 seconds, using a small spoon. You should stir until the ball has completely dissolved. If you fancy, you can get a special whisk to make it quick and easy.

To keep all the flavors intact you should keep miso balls in the fridge. They can stay there for up to 6 weeks.

In general miso is a shelf-stable product. Miso balls won’t go bad within 10 days outside of the fridge. This means you can easily take them for a hike, longer trip or to a music festival.

No. However, miso is a fermented bean paste that contains salt. It is not recommended to exceed 3 portions of miso balls daily.

Absolutely yes! Miso balls originate from Japan where people have them for breakfast instead of coffee. Japanese people have some of the longest life expectancies in the world. Just saying…

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Great promos and events, new product features and more